Dragon Ball SUPER

7 Best Piccolo Fights in Dragon Ball Super

The Anime Daily

1. Universe 6's Namekians

Tournament of Power: Piccolo's epic battles; Special Beam Cannon triumphs!

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2. The Threat Of Cell Max

Dragon Ball Super's canonical movies; Piccolo shines in Super Hero

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3. Taking Out Raditz

Raditz challenges Goku; Piccolo aids with Special Beam Cannon

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4. Frieza Was Horrifying

Piccolo aids against Frieza on Planet Namek; valiant effort shown

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5. The Fight Against The Saiyans

Z Fighters train for Saiyan threat; Piccolo mentors Gohan, faces Nappa

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6. Destroying Babidi

Majin Buu Saga: Piccolo swiftly defeats Babidi, Buu's "master."

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7. Dr. Gero/ Android 20

Androids 19, 20 challenged Z Fighters; Piccolo's strength displayed fiercely

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