10 Coolest Anime Super Robots

The Anime Daily

1. Ideon 

Ideon, precursor to Evangelion, showcases cosmic themes and world-rebooting power

2. RahXephon 

Often compared to Evangelion, yet uniquely creative and powerful.

3. The Big O

Noir-style Super Robot with classic design and elegance

4. The EVA 

Evangelion's EVA-01 blurs lines between Super and Real Robots.

5. GaoGaiGar 

Transformers' 90s successor, Brave series, culminates in GaoGaiGar's might.

6.  Mobile Suit Gundam

Gundam breaks from Gundam tradition with Super Robot-style action

7. Grendizer 

Grendizer, iconic mech in Mazinger series, wields impressive alien powers