10 Interesting Facts about Yuji Itadori- Jujutsu Kaisen

Yuji excels in physique, lifts heavy loads, has incredible speed, breaks walls barehanded

1 extraordinary physique

Yuji, skilled athlete, lacks interest in joining sports clubs despite prowess

2. Lacks interest in sports clubs

Yuji joins occult club to aid cursed friends, learn about curses

3. Yuji joins the Occult Research Club

Yuji died twice: consumed by Sukuna, fought Mahito, cursed spirit

4. Yuji Itadori experienced death twice

Yuji masters Black Flash with Satoru and Megumi's guidance

5. Yuji Itadori mastering his personal curse technique

Mahito's Domain Expansion targets souls. Yuji, with dual souls, unaffected. Sukuna retaliates, admonishes Mahito

6. He remains unaffected by Mahito's Domain Expansion

Cheerful and friendly, Yuji enjoys fun, jokes, maintains humor amidst danger, adept at imitation

7. A High Sense of Humor