10 Most Underrated Dragon Ball Super Characters, Ranked

1. Hercule

Hercule, a renowned fraud, excels in comedic timing, making him unforgettable in series across media

2. Uub

Uub holds untapped potential, born after Majin Buu's defeat, wielding the pink pulverizer's might.

3. Mr. Popo

Mr. Popo, overlooked but formidable, serves Kami's lookout with rich backstory and concealed power.

4. Monaka 

Monaka, a humble Wagashi delivery worker, becomes Beerus' tool to spur Goku's greatness unexpectedly.

5. Cheelai 

Cheelai stands out, crafting a clever plan to save Broly's life, reuniting in Dragon Ball Super manga.

6. Catopesra

Catopesra's strength pales against Frieza's; Vegeta eliminates him in the manga, Gamisalas in the anime.

7. Tagoma 

Tagoma distinguishes himself among Frieza Force soldiers, enduring Captain Ginyu's body swap technique temporarily.