7 Strongest Characters in the Dragon Ball Multiverse

The Anime Daily

1. Frieza

In Dragon Ball Super #87, Frieza reveals 'Black Frieza', dominating Goku and Vegeta in their divine forms.

2. Gohan

In Dragon Ball Super, Gohan's upgrade to Beast form surpasses Goku and Vegeta, Akira Toriyama confirms.

3. Broly

Beerus fears Broly's power, reluctant to train him on his world. Later, Broly joins Goku, Vegeta for training

4. Jiren

Jiren surpasses Universe 11's God of Destruction, Belmod, channeling his traumatic past into heroic strength.

5. Granolah

Granolah defeats Goku, Vegeta in godly forms, then allies against Dragon Balls' misuse for power.

6. Gas 

Gas, the Granola arc's ultimate antagonist, battles Saiyans like Bardock from a young age.

7. Vegeta

Vegeta transcends Super Saiyan limits, mastering god ki and Destruction power akin to a Destroyer God.