7 Hidden Details From Naruto You should know

1. Sasuke Inspired by Classic Manga

In 1961, Sanpei Shirato's Sasuke manga inspired Naruto creators, shaping Sasuke Uchiha's background and adventures.

2. Kakashi's catchphrase was planned.

Kakashi, once envisioned stern, transformed into nurturing mentor for Team 7, shedding original demeanor and catchphrase.

3. Naruto's growth throughout show

At 12, Naruto stood around 145-147 centimeters. In Part II, he grew almost 20 centimeters, reaching 166.

4. Naruto is a Libra

Naruto, born Oct 10th, reflects Libra traits: gregariousness, valuing friendship. He shares birthday with Menma Uzumaki, Menma Namikaze.

5. Never Supposed to Meet His Parents

Initially, Naruto creator intended him to remain orphaned, isolated with Kurama. But as Kishimoto became a parent, reunion became essential.

6. The Headbands Time-Saver

Yuji is named after Akutami's classmate and  Itadori is a medicinal Japanese knotweed

7. There’s a Naruto Musical

The Musical debuted in Japan, a live-theater extravaganza featuring singing, martial arts, and stunning lights.