Solo Leveling

7 Most Powerful Solo Leveling Characters Ranked

The Anime Daily

1. Sung Jin-Woo

Weak Jin-woo becomes strongest in the universe hunter with his sheer strength of will.

Orange Lightning

2. The Absolute Being

Absolute Being created strongest beings in Solo Level like Monarchs and Rulers.

Orange Lightning

3. Antares- Monarch of Destruction

Antares is the Second Strongest of the Monarchs

Orange Lightning

4.  Ashborn- Monarch Of Shadows

Ashborn, potent in Solo Leveling, is the mightiest Ruler's Brightest Fragment.

Orange Lightning

5. The Rulers-  The Fragments of Light

The Rulers Always Fight Together to defend the world with their supreme power

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6- Legia- Monarch Of The Beginning

Legia, also known as the King of Giants, is another powerful character with immense physical power.

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7. The Monarch of the Beastly Fangs

Beastly Fangs, the King of Beasts, showcased immense strength against Thomas Andre.

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