8 Anime Characters Who Can Defeat Demon Slayer's Twelve Kizuki

Universe 7's God of Destruction, unmatched power, Hakai ability

1. Beerus 

Demon King of Tyranny, unrivaled magical power

2. Anos Voldigoad

Seven Deadly Sins' powerhouse with Sunshine's divine strength

3. Escanor 

Immortal vampire, Ultimate Being, Ripple master, JoJo's formidable foe

4. Kars 

Soul Reaper, wielder of intense fire, unstoppable force

5. Yamamoto 

Fullmetal Alchemist's godlike antagonist, controls matter, formidable foe

6. Father 

My Hero Academia's formidable villain with Decay

7. Tomura Shigaraki

Stealthy Tsuchikage with Dust Release, deadly against adversaries

8. Mu