One Piece's Eiichiro Oda Delivers Mesmerizing New Piece After Decade

The Anime Daily

One Piece Chapter 1110 unveils a pivotal twist in the 'Egghead' arc with a striking double-page artwork by Eiichiro Oda.

Now available in English on Viz Media and Manga Plus apps, the latest One Piece chapter shocks fans with The Five Elders' secret.

The 'Egghead' chapter highlights a transformation scene, marking Oda's first double-spread artwork since the 'Dressrosa' arc in 2015.

The Five Elders reveal their beast-awakened forms, showcasing powers reminiscent of a mythical creature known as yokai in a rare artistic feat by Oda.

Speculations arise about The Five Elders' powers, questioning if they stem from Zoan-type Devil Fruits or a more mysterious origin.

One Piece's narrative deepens, introducing The Five Elders' monstrous forms as a significant threat to Luffy's journey.

The latest development in One Piece signals the manga's approach to its grand finale, alongside other Shonen Jump titans like Jujutsu Kaisen and My Hero Academia.

As One Piece sails towards its end, the 'Egghead' storyline unfolds new layers of intrigue and formidable antagonists