Can Solo Leveling Beat Goku?

"Solo Leveling" follows Jin-Woo's progression in a leveling system, while Goku's strength stems from martial arts and transformations, often displaying immense power.

Jin-Woo's growth is constrained by his leveling system, whereas Goku's abilities have a broader scope.

Comparing Jin-Woo and Goku in combat involves considering their experience, tactics, and adaptability.

Jin-Woo's rapid growth contrasts with Goku's extensive combat experience and diverse techniques.

Determining a victor between Jin-Woo and Goku depends on factors like rules and narrative interpretation.

"Solo Leveling" follows Jin-Woo's development in a structured system, contrasting Goku's martial arts-based power.

In comparison, Jin-Woo's abilities are limited by leveling, whereas Goku's powers are limitless, making Goku the probable victor.