Super Manga Halts, Entering an Endless Hiatus!

The Anime Daily

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 104's release has been on hiatus, missing VJump's next issue, with future publication dates uncertain.

Speculation arises on whether Dragon Ball Super's hiatus is temporary or indefinite amid Akira Toriyama's recent passing.

Toyotarou, the illustrator of Dragon Ball Super, expresses heartfelt tribute to Toriyama, citing inspiration and aspiration for his approval.

Dragon Ball Super nears the climax of its 'Super Hero' arc, featuring an intense showdown between Goku and Gohan in their  Perfected Ultra Instinct and Beast Forms

Toyotarou teases fans in Chapter 103 that Super Hero arc will end with an intense showdown

The manga and gaming communities mourn the loss of Akira Toriyama, reflecting on his vast influence and iconic creations.

Fans and creators globally, including Eiichiro Oda and Sean Schemmel, pay homage to Toriyama's legacy, highlighting his impact on the industry.