10 Strongest Villains In Black Clover

The Anime Daily

1. Lucius Zogratis

Lucius Zogratis, the apex of power, entwined with Julius.

2. Lucifero 

Lucifero, King of Devils, wields Gravity Magic with devastating power

3. Megicula

Megicula commands Curse-Warding Magic, inflicting generational curses, a formidable adversary

4. Morris Libardirt

Morris, exiled scholar turned ally, wields Modification and Gravity Magic

5. Dante Zogratis

Lucifero's host instills fear, a formidable villain in the series.

6. Zenon Zogratis

Zenon Zogratis, Beelzebub's host, commands Bone Magic, a formidable adversary

7. Vanica Zogratis

Vanica, Dark Triad member, wields Blood Magic, summoning Red Beasts

8. Lilith

Lilith, Nahamah's counterpart, commands scorching fire, wreaking devastation in battles

9. Nahamah

Nahamah, a top-ranking devil, revels in destruction, mastering formidable ice magic

10. Zagred

Zagred, commanding with Kotodama, shifts the story, making powerful characters tremble