Zoro's 7 Best Moves, Ranked

The Anime Daily

1. Three-Sword Serpent

Zoro's power surges with Conqueror's Haki, unveils King of Hell Style, defeats King.

2. Ashura

Zoro's Ashura evolves, scars Kaido, unveils Conqueror's Haki manifestation

3. The Purgatory Oni Giri

Zoro enhances Oni Giri with Haki, debuts Purgatory Oni Giri, intimidates foes.

4. Billion-fold World Trichiliocosm

Zoro's peak technique, Billion-fold World Trichiliocosm, evolves with Armament Haki.

5. Flame Rend

Zoro's evolved Crossing the Six Paths, Flame Rend, exhausts Prometheus

6. Lion's Song

Zoro unveils Lion's Strike, evolves it into Lion's Song technique.

7. 1080 Pound Phoenix

Zoro evolves 36 Pound Phoenix to 1080 Pound Phoenix for Dressrosa's challenges