Solo Leveling Episodes 11 & 12 Release Date Confirmed, Season 1 Near its Epic Conclusion!

The Anime Daily

With just two episodes left in Cour 1 of Solo Leveling, fans eagerly await the release dates and details.

Sung Jin Woo's victory against Kang Taesik in the latest episode showcases his growing strength.

Solo Leveling new episodes are set to release on: March 23, 2024- Episode 11 March 30, 2024- Episode 12

Solo Leveling, hailed as the anime of the year debuted with high ratings on IMDb.

The first season of Solo Leveling is split into two cours, totaling around 25 episodes.

Episode 11 of Solo Leveling initiates the Job Change Quest, leading into Episode 12, with Jin-woo fighting respawning knights and unveiling the Blood-Red Commanders.

The quest culminates in a showdown with Igris, the quest's tough boss, offering substantial rewards for completion.

The cast will also perform another song in the film, "Naritai Jibun" (The Me I Want to Become).