Solo Leveling Voice Actors and Their Previous Famous Works

1- Sung Jin-woo (Taito Ban)

Ban portrays Jin-woo's epic journey effectively. Also voices Amane Fujimiya from "The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten."

2- Cha Hae-In (Reina Ueda)

Ueda brings a perfect blend of skill and vulnerability. Notable for voicing Reze in "Chainsaw Man."

3- Baek Yoon-Ho (Hiroki Touchi)

Touchi's charismatic portrayal adds depth to Baek Yoon-Ho. Impressive range shown in various anime roles.

4- Choi Jong-In (Daisuke Hirakawa)

Hirakawa captures Jong-In's gruff demeanor effectively. Known for voicing Noriaki Kakyoin in "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure."

5- Go Gun-Hee (Banjo Ginga)

Ginga adds gravitas to Gun-Hee's character. He is known for iconic roles like Isaac Netero in "Hunter x Hunter."

6- Lee Ju-Hee (Haruna Mikawa)

Voiced by Haruna Mikawa, known for various anime roles. Close relationship with Jin-Woo, concerned for his safety.

7- Woo Jinchul (Makoto Furukawa)

Furukawa effectively portrays the stoic A-Rank Hunter. Known for his roles in various anime series.

8- Yoo Jin-ho (Genta Nakamura)

Nakamura brings humor to Jin-ho's character. Known for his role as Hiroto Shinohara in "Liar Liar."