7 interesting facts about jujutsu kaisen

1. Toge's decoded dialect

Toge uses coded rice-ball language to control his Cursed Speech.

2. Gojo is Strongest Sorcerer

Gojo, Jujutsu High instructor, possesses Six Eyes, is Limitless, and prevents chaos.

3. Sorcerers harness cursed energy

Jujutsu Kaisen's famed power system revolves around cursed energy manipulation

4. Sukuna Once Ultimate Sorcerer

Sukuna, once almighty sorcerer, revives through Yuji's body

5. Hanami speaks in reverse

Hanami's voice reversed for effect in Atsuko Tanaka's Japanese lines

6. Yuji Itadori's name meaning

Yuji is named after Akutami's classmate and  Itadori is a medicinal Japanese knotweed

7. Megumi doubts supernatural occurrences

Megumi doubts local news, rarely believes its reports accurately