Four Knights of the Apocalypse' Episode 22 Unveiled

The Anime Daily

Episode 22 continues the turmoil in Liones, with the Four Knights addressing the looming threat of a mysterious hooded figure.

Focusing on the Holy Knights and Lancelot, the episode diverts from Percival to unravel the enigma of Jericho's return

Lancelot's past and his complex relationship with Jericho take center stage, revealing deep-seated secrets and emotions.

Chion's grim worldview and protective stance towards Tristan are exposed during a tense interrogation in Liones' dungeons.

Jericho and Guila's heated encounter rekindles old ties and ignites a battle fueled by betrayal and hidden motives.

Lancelot confronts unsettling truths about Jericho's feelings and intentions, leading to a dramatic and emotional climax

The episode hints at continued danger with the ominous appearance of a fused Melascula and Galand, setting the stage for further conflicts.