One Piece

7 The Strongest Devil Fruits Introduced in One Piece's Egghead Arc

The Anime Daily

1. Saint Saturn

Saturn, a World Noble, reveals a spider-oni Zoan Devil Fruit, enabling paralysis, regeneration, and lethal power

2. The Warp-Warp Fruit 

Teleportation via Warp-Warp Fruit aids snipers, offering defense and range

3. The Strong-Strong Fruit

Heart Pirates awed by Strong-Strong Fruit; grants superhuman strength without limits

4. The Isle-Isle Fruit

Isle-Isle Fruit transforms islands, granting colossal limb control, imperviousness

5. The Sick-Sick Fruit

Blackbeard's Sick-Sick Fruit creates diseases; Heart Pirates transformed, countered by Haki

6. The Glorp-Glorp Fruit

Glorp-Glorp Fruit's clay manipulation showcased; Paramecia or Logia uncertain

7. The Whip-Whip Fruit

Marines possess Whip-Whip Fruit, taming objects with a whip's lash