Top 10 Most Memorable Solo Leveling Battles

1. Sung Jin Woo’s vs. Dragon King

Jin-Woo battles Antares with astralization, summoning, flames.

2. Sung Jin Woo’s vs. Beast Monarch

Jin-Woo meets Ashborn, becomes Shadow Monarch. Defeats.

3. Sung Jin Woo’s vs. Three Powerful Monarchs

Jin-Woo's army frozen, defeated by Monarchs.

4. Sung IL Hwan’s vs. The Frost and Beast Monarch

Jin-Woo transforms into Shadow Monarch, father safeguards.

5. Thomas Andre vs  The Beast Monarch

S-Rank gate emerges, Thomas intervenes, Jin-woo arrives.

6. Sung Jin-woo’s vs. with Legia

Jin-woo battles Monarch of Giants, defeats.

7. Chris Reed’s Mutilation

Jin-woo defeats Giants and saves Tokyo.

8. The Double Gate Duel

System quest linked to Jin-woo's growth.

9. Sung Jin Woo vs.  Beru

Jeju Island Arc: Hunters face Ant King.

10. Defeat of Thomas Andre

Sensational Thomas vs. Sung Jin-woo battle escalated.