Edens Zero Episode 20: Rebecca To The Rescue! Release Date & Plot

Edens Zero Episode 20


Popular fantasy anime Edens Zero is approaching the season finale. As the story progresses, fans are getting more and more excited to learn about the fate of humanity. The story of survival has turned into a battle for might and power. The new episode of Edens Zero will mark the entry of the Sun Jewel Arc in the story. The audience will get to know if Rebecca and Weisz will be able to rescue Shiki, Hamura, and Valkyrie. Here is all you need to know about Edens Zero Episode 20.

The next episode of the series will twist things for Rebecca’s team. Since the arrival of the Captain in the latest episode, Rebecca has learned that Edens Zero is not the only mission ship that exists. The possibility of the existence of more Edens ships has opened up. The new episode is likely to touch upon Shiki and Hamura’s escape plan. Moreover, the Sun Jewel arena will test the resilience of Rebecca’s team.

Edens Zero Episode 20: Plot Details

The title of Edens Zero Episode 20 is “Stones.” The new episode will officially kick-start the Sun Jewel Arc of the story. Rebecca has finally reached planet Sun Jewel. Hence, their hunt for Valkyrie will finally begin. However, she is inadvertently skeptical of the new place and its dictatorial norms. In the next episode, fans can expect to see Rebecca leading a team of soldiers to rescue Shiki, Homura, and Valkyrie. But she is still unsure if the three are even alive or not.

Moreover, Weisz will also join Rebecca in the quest. Fans can also expect to see Shiki’s pov where he would explore the Sun Jewel Planet. Both Shiki and Homura are being investigated by the authorities. So, Rebecca will find more time to infiltrate the administrative building and save the two. Lastly, new revelations about the Edens One ship will also be coming through. Thus, Edens Zero Episode 20 is going to be an action-packed edition for the fans.

Previous Episode Recap!

In the previous episode of Edens Zero, Shiki traveled all the way to the Planet to Time to meet the oracle. The celestial time-being did tell Shiki the whereabouts of Valkyrie. From here, the Edens Zero crew reached the Sun Jewel Planet. The last episode also introduced the Captain in the story. The manga fans were awaiting his entry for a long time. Rebecca learned from the Captain that he is the leader of Edens One ship, the successor ship of Edens Zero. The episode ended with the new man taking Shiki and Weisz to his ship and comparing the equipment of the two.

Edens Zero Episode 20: Release Date

The hunt for Valkyrie continues, but Shiki and Homura are still jailed at Sun Jewel. Will Rebecca reach them before an execution? Edens Zero Episode 20 will release next Sunday on August 29, 2021. The new episode will be available on Netflix and Hulu.

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