Eleceed Chapter 213: Kayden Vs. Andrei! Release Date & More!

Eleceed Chapter 213


Eleceed Chapter 213 will witness the greatest fight between two mighty Awakens. The previous chapter was almost an intermediatory chapter. It did not have any special fighting scenes. However, Kayden has openly declared war against the Frame organization. Moreover, the leader of the organization has entered the arena to take revenge for his men.

The next chapter will be full of amazing action sequences that will transform the academy’s destiny. Moreover, there are chances that there will be bloodshed on both sides. Andrei is an Awaken from the Top 10 World Ranker. So it would not be easy for even Kayden to defeat him so easily. There are chances that teachers have to step into the fight in the next chapter. Check out the following article for detailed info regarding the next chapter!

Eleceed Chapter 213: Kayden Vs. Andrei!

The Eleceed Chapter 213 will be the proof of the fight between the two greatest fighters of the manhwa. There will be consequences for this fight, and Kayden has to bear them. The teachers are still in the magic prison, and Kayden has to buy them the time to become free. However, Kartein is also there to protect the students in case anything unusual happens.

However, this time fans have a gut feeling Kayden might face hard fighting that beast from the Frame organization. Kayden was quite confident about the Frame fighters with lower ranks. But he was nervous when Andrei asked him about the person that he was trying to protect. It seems that the next chapter will be full of surprises.

What Did The Previous Chapter Cover?

The 212th chapter of Eleceed started with Kayden’s previous attack on the Frame accomplices. However, all of these accomplices were alive. The head of the three Frame fighters claimed that Kayden was making a mistake. Moreover, he will get nothing getting enmity with the Frame. However, Kayden was quite full of himself. He told the head that he would not think twice about killing them if they came for him.

Kayden launched one more attack on these fighters to finish them at once. However, a strong power annihilated the attack of Kayden. The principal of the academy noticed that there was Andrei there. He was the leader of the Frame organization and one of the Top 10 World Rankers. Jiwoo motivated Kayden to fight Andrei and got back to Kartein.

Eleceed Chapter 213: Release Date

Eleceed Chapter 213 will release on September 30, 2022. Moreover, there are chances that this chapter might take more time than usual. It is an important chapter, so the visuals must be exciting enough to justify the hype for it. The manhwa will be available to read on the Naver, Webtoon, and Kakaopage. Keep following The Anime Daily for more updates regarding the manhwa!