Kengan Omega Chapter 142: Xia Vs. Joji! Release Date & Plot Details

Kengan Omega Chapter 142


The previous chapter of Kengan Omega made it to the floors after two long weeks. Well, this would not happen with Kengan Omega Chapter 142, as it is set for a timely release. The previous chapter brought some of the most jaw-dropping action sequences to the forefront. This includes the fight between Edward Wu, Xing, and Erioh. However, the story took a sharp turn in the second half with the chase sequence between Xia and Mitsuyo. So, before delving into the new chapter, here is all you need to know about it.

The follow-up storyline will deal with Xia and Mitsuyo coming face-to-face. After getting embarrassed in front of a crowd, he wants to get revenge on the two of them. Thus, Xia will challenge Joji and Mitsuyo to get into a fight with him. But it is unlikely that he can win in the fight on his own.


Kengan Omega Chapter 142: Plot Details!

Towards the end of the previous chapter of Kengan Omega, Xia was taken down by Mitsuyo and Joji. They, too, back the item that he had stolen. However, when Xia got up once again, he was decisive that he would not spare the two of them. Thus, he challenged them for a fight. The next chapter is going to begin another round of the fight between these three players. This includes Joji, Xia, and Mitsuyo.

But this fight may not last longer than a few pages as Xia already has a broken limb and a dislocated hand. Thus, for him to face two of the most powerful fighters in the association would be difficult. Kengan Omega Chapter 142 will also continue with the ongoing fight between Xing, Erioh, and Edward Wu.


Previous Chapter Recap!

The last week’s chapter of Kengan Omega began with Edward Wu walking towards Xing to charge an attack. However, Xing was not intimidated by his actions in any way. As the brawl began, Wi managed to break Xing’s sword in a single blow. In the second move, he was about to end Xing. But Erioh saved the day for him. But soon enough, Raian and Solomon also came in to interrupt the fight. And so, the two fighters joined the match on behalf of the two sides. In the first attack itself, Solomon used his prime technique to choke his opponent.

Thus, he claimed that there was a reason why he was known as the Venomous Viper. He also explained that no matter where his strikes had hit the opponent, the attack would still take away the breath of the perpetrator. Towards the end of the chapter, the perpetrator who had stolen the Kengan possessions was also caught.


Kengan Omega Chapter 142: Release Date

After ‘The Evolved Wu,’ the latest chapter of Kengan Omega will be showcasing some more action to set the stage for the ultimate fight. So, what are you expecting from the manga? Kengan Omega Chapter 142 is set to come out this Thursday on January 13, 2022. All chapters of Kengan Omega come out on the official platforms of Kodansha. Thus, if there is any delay, we will update this section soon enough. So, keep coming back to this space for more updates.