My Wife Is A Demon Queen Chapter 375: War With The Human Race! Release Date & Plot

My Wife Is A Demon Queen Chapter 375



Fans of the Demon Queen manga are looking forward to reading the signs on what is to come next in the story. In the last outing, Isabella finally came to know that the Demon Realm was under attack by the human race. And now that Xiang also holds the powers of a demon, they have a good chance of settling the war with sheer power. Here is everything to know about the newest outing, My Wife Is A Demon Queen Chapter 375.


In the upcoming storyline, fans will be able to see how Isabella handles one of the first challenges after becoming the Demon Queen. The management of war will make or break her image as the Queen of the realm. Thus, she must try to reduce the damage as much as possible.

My Wife Is A Demon Queen Chapter 375: What Will Happen Next?

The next chapter will mark the beginning of a fiery war. The manga had been building towards a raging war between the human race and the demon clan for a long time. And all events have synced just right as the attack is also happening after Isabella became the Queen of the Demon Realm. With Xiang serving as the King, the aim of the war would be to prevent any sort of casualties.


My Wife Is A Demon Queen Chapter 375 will also take a look at the forging of the strategy for the war. Isabella and Xiang will sit with the War Council in order to understand the severity of the situation. In the end, things will finally come to a huge battle. It will be interesting to see how the picture of this war-packed series is painted.

Previous Chapter Recap!

Chapter 375 of Demon Queen starts with Xiang waking up to a strange sight. The man looked at his hands and saw that something was not just right. He looked at his fingers and nails and thought that he had been looking like a demon. Isabella walked in and told him that it was natural for him to look this way. Last night, she had transferred almost eighty percent of her demon powers to him.

This was the reason why he now had the ability to fly and also had a tail attached to his back. Just then, a tinkle fairy came to them and reported that the leaders of the human race were planning an attack on them. At first, both Isabella and Xiang were shocked to hear this. But then the Demon Queen looked at her husband and said that she trusted him to do the best at the worst times.


My Wife Is A Demon Queen Chapter 375: Release Date

Now that Xiang is also a king, things will not be the same for any of the two. Isabella now has more power and support from her husband. Thus, she is almost invulnerable. My Wife Is A Demon Queen Chapter 375 will release this week with more information to unfold. The final release date is June 24, 2022. Fans will be able to catch all the chapters of the manhwa only on the official pages of Naver, Webtoon, and Kakaopage. Thus, keep an eye on The Anime Daily to get more information about this.

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