Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint Chapter 114: Road To Fighting Hades! Release Date

Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint 114

For this week, fans are rooting to see what comes next in the story of Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint Chapter 114. The sixth scenario has already started and a lot is about to unfold as Kim Dokja fights one monster after the other. It was seen that he had the responsibility of fighting the Giant. Only after that would he be able to catch what Hades has been doing. IT is evident that the next mission is to fight God and end his wrath against the common people. But the process would take longer than it seems.

The upcoming storyline of ORV will deal with one of the best fights in the series so far. Kim Dokja will be fighting the monsters in order to find the space for the gateway to Hades. More than anything, fans are overly excited to see how all events unfold in this storyline.

Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint Chapter 114: What Will Happen Next?

Last week’s chapter of ORV came to an end with the first appearance of the Giant warrior. As the name suggested, the creature was in fact a giant in all sense. So now, Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint Chapter 114 will take a look at a fight between Kim Dokja and the Giant. What is more concerning is the fact that Kim has lost a lot of his powers in the process of getting abducted.

The entirety of the chapter will deal with the same issue. The fighter now has no choice but to unleash all his powers in order to fight the giant. But then, he must also save a lot of power so that he can fight Hades in the future. It is evident that the sixth scenario is going to take up a lot of chapters in the future.

Previous Chapter Recap!

The previous chapter of ORV, Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint Chapter 113, started with Kim moving around in the place and exploring what their task is. The first thing that he and Kim Nomwoon saw were dark spirits looking at them with heavy red eyes. Dokja then asked his partner why these creatures were looking at him like that. Nomwoon explained that it was because the man was new here.

Right then, there was an inspection on the floor once again. Kim wondered why this kept happening again and again. And it became clear that Hades was enslaving everyone in this place. By the end of the chapter, Kim Dokja got to know that he would have to compete against a Giant warrior in order to finally meet with Hades in person.

Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint Chapter 114: Release Date

It’s an all-new world and an all-new scenario for Kim Dokja in this current storyline. But as things become clear, all answers will start surfacing one after the other. Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint Chapter 114 will release this week without any break. The final release date is July 4, 2022. Fans will be able to catch all the chapters of the manhwa only on the official pages of Naver, Webtoon, and Kakaopage.