One Punch Man Chapter 160: God Mode Garou! Release Date

One Punch Man Chapter 160

The 159th chapter was a treat in itself. The chapter was short, but it succeeded in giving a much-deserved conclusion to the fight against the Sage Centipede. Garou finally showed the God-level powers that he had been holding back for all this time. And as it happens, he took out the Sage Centipede in a single slash of a hand. But all’s not over for Garou as he has to face Saitama in the battle now. Without any further ado, here is all that we know about One Punch Man Chapter 160 so far.

In the upcoming chapter, fans will be served with the most awaited battle of the manga. The Saitama Vs. Garou standoff is about to begin. But it seems like Garou would be tired after fighting the Centipede. Meanwhile, Saitama has only warmed up. It will be interesting to see how things take a turn in the new chapter.

One Punch Man Chapter 160: What Will Happen Next?

It is pretty hard to move on now that Garou has taken away most of the limelight from the story. Even though God has completely different levels of power, there is no doubt that Garou will reach that level very soon. This was not divine retribution, but it was a blessing to have such powers. As the Sage Centipede falls, the next challenger facing Garou will be Saitama. Fans had been expecting that the hero would make it to the fight as soon as the monster fell.

One Punch Man Chapter 160 will open with Garou seeing that Saitama is standing right in front of him for the last fight. Without even getting a breath, he will buckle up for another fight. This fight is expected to last longer than the one with the Elder Centipede. Also, since Saitama has not exhausted any of his powers, it is possible that Garou will struggle in the match.

Previous Chapter Recap!

The 159th chapter of OPM does not start at the point it was supposed to. Rather, we meet with Sweet Mask, who is looking for a piece of cloth after his jeans are ripped. This was when the Pig God arrived at the spot. When Sweet Mask turned around, God had already begun devouring Gum’s remaining flesh and teeth. All he could come up with was, ‘What a weird guy.’ On the other side, Garou was in full God Mode, and he had decided that he was going to bring an end to the Sage Centipede.

First, he flew high up in space so that the monster could chase him there. The chapter cuts to a flashback sequence at the time of Garou’s martial arts training. When Bang was teaching a bunch of students how a break a row of ceramic tiles, Garou was the only one who could do it. However, he could not break the last plate back then. In the present, Garou accumulates all his powers and draws them to cut the Centipede in two halves.

“I have reached the Epitome of Martial Arts” was all he could. The chapter ended with Garou claiming that he broke them all and that his fist was perfect now.

One Punch Man Chapter 160: Release Date

After months, the One Punch Man manga has finally found a proper release schedule. The latest chapter not only displayed the best of Garou’s powers, but it also brought back the Pig God to the limelight. This will eventually branch everything back to Fubuki. As of now, One Punch Man Chapter 160 is expected to release next Thursday, March 10, 2022.

Murata generally announces the release date prior to the day. We will be sure to inform you whenever that happens. Thus, keep an eye on this space.