Ousama Ranking Episode 5: Did Bojji Survive? Release Date & Plot

Ousama Ranking Episode 5


Ranking of Kings is undoubtedly one the most underrated shows of the current times. The small yet loyal base of fans that the series has garnered keeps the show on high slates. After each episode release, the fans discuss and dissect all the elements of the story. The last episode broke many hearts when it displayed Domas pushing Bojji down the cliff. In Ousama Ranking Episode 5, viewers will find if Bojji survives this fall. Also, Domas’ stance after the push will also be explored. Here is all you need to know about the next installment of Ranking of Kings.

In the upcoming episode, fans can expect to see multiple facets of the story. First, Daida will learn about the death of Bojji. Domas will be the one who will deliver the news. Next up, Bojji’s storyline will take center stage. Fans will learn about the fatality of the injuries that he suffered. Thus, a great installment is a line-up for the fifth episode. The aftermath of this betrayal is surely going to be lethal.

Ousama Ranking Episode 5: Plot Details

In the upcoming episode of Ranking of Kings, fans can expect to see the fate of Bojji’s fall. It is an unsaid fact that Bojji will survive the fall. However, it is unclear what Domas is going to do next. The man will most probably get back to King Daida and stamp the job done. Daida will reward Domas with honorary duties. On the other hand, fans can expect to see Bojji. It is most likely that the mysterious protector that has been helping Bojji along the way will help him this time as well.

Fans are speculating that the mysterious man is none other than Kage. When he left the castle, he did not tell about his mission to anyone else. Thus, all fingers are pointing towards him. Ousama Ranking Episode 5 will also touch upon Bojji’s current conditions. He must have suffered grave injuries after the fall.

Previous Episode Recap!

The last episode focused on one of the most heartbreaking betrayals in the show. The episode began with a flashback sequence of Domas. It was of the time when Domas first met Bojji. Cut back to the present, Domas was weighing his options between following the King and saving his most beloved student. It was revealed that Daida’s first order after becoming the King was the execution of Bojji.

At first, Domas attempted to kill the boy by giving him poisoned meat. However, he was stopped from consuming the loaf. In the second attempt, the master succeeded. On a forged mission, Domas took Bojji to the Gates of Hell. There, he pushed the deaf boy off the cliff. The episode ended on a silent note without showing the aftermath of this fall. Fans are desperate to find out if Bojji survives this fall or not.

Ousama Ranking Episode 5: Release Date

The Green King is all set to rebound on the perpetrators. What will be the consequences of this attack? The next episode will have all the answers. So, Ousama Ranking Episode 5 is set to release this Friday on November 12, 2021. Fans will find all the episodes of this incredible show only on Funimation. Stay tuned with The Anime Daily to get all the updates.