Shiroi Suno Na Aquatope Episode 15: Kukuru’s Work Report! Release Date

Shiroi Suno Na Aquatope Episode 15


Fans of Aquatope on White Sand are looking forward to the next edition as it will bring much drama to the floors. The previous episode changed the course of events for Kukuru at the Tingaara. The first surprise was the fact that Fuuka was not leaving the country. Thus, they both worked together at the company. That day, she was tasked to manage the Penguin Tour on her own. So, in Shiroi Suno Na Aquatope Episode 15, Kukuru will get feedback on her work on the tour. Will she get a positive report? Here is all you need to know.

In the upcoming episode, Kukuru will be given the next task at the Tingaara. It is most likely that her next project will be paired along with Fuuka. In the last event, the manager was disappointed with the number of people that showed up at the event. Thus, this time, Kukuru will try to keep up with the advertising work more.

Shiroi Suno Na Aquatope Episode 15: Plot Details

The next episode of Shiroi Suno Na Aqua tope is titled “The Great Sea Slug Debate.” In the next edition, Kukuru’s boss will express her disappointment towards the tour. Even though Kukuru managed the crowd well and displayed all the animals with care, there were still many seats left in the audience list. Her boss will raise the concern that very few people showed up on tour. Also, the advertising campaign of the event was very poor.

Thus, Kukuru will be instructed to work on her advertising roadmaps. As a result, Kukuru will take advice from Fuuka on how to attract more customers to the center. Shiroi Suno Na Aquatope Episode 15 will also focus on Kukuru’s next task as the attendant at the aquarium. The first event was decent for her as of the first time. Now, she will be given bigger events and projects to manage and look after.

Previous Episode Recap!

In the 14th episode of Shiroi Suno Na Aquatope, Kukuru finds out that Fuuka had taken an apartment next to her. This was the best surprise Kukuru could have asked for. The next morning in the office, she was instructed to organize a tour at the Tingaara. The same instructions were given to Haebara as well. Fuuka told Kukuru to memorize the names of all the Penguins that were on display.

After she studied thoroughly about all the penguins, she went to Haebara to give the work report. Haebara was impressed with the report, and she appreciated Kukuru. Later, she began the tour with all the attendants. As she knew almost everything about the penguins, she confidently showed the people around the place. Thus, the episode ended with Kukuru visiting the manager to ask for feedback.

Shiroi Suno Na Aquatope Episode 15: Release Date

The latest edition of Aquatope on White Sand is almost around the corner. After successfully pulling off the tour, Kukuru must make sure that all the future events go well in the company. Can she do that? Shiroi Suno Na Aquatope Episode 15 will release on October 14, 2021. Fans will get all the latest episodes of the anime only on Crunchyroll. Lastly, stay tuned with The Anime Daily for more updates.