The Player That Can’t Level Up Chapter 83: Does Elle Remember The Past? Release Date & More!

The Player That Can't Level Up Chapter 83


The Player That Can’t Level Up Chapter 83 will explore new traits of Elle. The last chapter of the manhwa was a great success for Gigyu. He successfully infused the holy swords with life. Moreover, his life energy increased so much in size that he was able to resurrect Elle in a whole new angelic form. But he does not know about the traits of this new Elle.

The next chapter of the manhwa will introduce the readers to Elle’s new powers. Moreover, Gigyu might not take her to the Tower for now. However, he will check the powers of Elle in the unique gates where she can get new problems every time. Moreover, Brunheart will get to increase his power by absorbing the unique gates. Let’s jump right onto the details regarding the plot of the next chapter of the manhwa!

The Player That Can’t Level Up Chapter 83: Does Elle Remember The Past?

The biggest question in The Player That Can’t Level Up Chapter 83 will be Elle’s memory. The Angel queen had some best moments of her life with Gigyu. However, it will be great pain for Gigyu if he gets to know that she can not use her powers with the efficiency as before. Moreover, he will start from scratch to train Elle and other angels for fighting.

The other problem for Gigyu will be to master his skills as a fighter. Last time he could not use his skill with precise combinations, which made him lose the war. However, he wants to completely master his tools and mana. The tower will be full of hurdles on the next level. So Gigyu will not go up there without upgrading Brunheart and other Angels.

What Did The Previous Chapter Cover?

The 82nd chapter of The Player That Can’t Level Up covered the resurrection of Elle. It started with the fight between the Heart demon and the three angels in the dark mana zone. However, Gigyu convinced both of them that they would work under him so they do not need to fight each other. But Heart was so notorious that he was still taking a jibe at those angles. Suddenly, Mister used telepathy to inform Gigyu that the sword was repaired.

Gigyu hold the sword and found that this was better than the previous one. So Lou ordered Gigyu to resurrect the sword in the basement as the dark mana there could obstruct it. Gigyu flowed the power of life in the Angelic Sword Elle. But this time, Elle came out as an angel, not as a sword. Moreover, Gigyu was missing Elle as a sword when he was fighting in the unique gate. However, she is stronger than before.

The Player That Can’t Level Up Chapter 83: Release Date

The Player That Can’t Level Up Chapter 83 will come out on October 5, 2022. However, the manhwa did take some time in the release of new chapters if anything goes wrong. The new chapters will be available to read on the official pages of Webtoon, Naver, and Kakaopage. Don’t forget to visit The Anime Daily again for more such articles!

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