How To Hide The Emperor’s Child Chapter 48 Delayed: Astell & The East Province! Release Date

How To Hide The Emperor's Child Chapter 48


How To Hide The Emperor’s Child Chapter 48 manhwa is witnessing a major turn in its story. The lead character Astell is getting ready to leave the emperor’s palace. She is moving to another province. Moreover, she has been denied aid from his father for her shift. His father is an evil person who wants to control her every move. But her grandfather and her nephew are accompanying her on the journey. So she is happy enough to move from there. And so, here is all you need to know about the following chapter.

How To Hide The Emperor’s Child Chapter 48 will contain the departure of Astell from the emperor’s palace. Moreover, the relationship of Astell with Eklen might grow strong after this incidence. She could not attend to Eklen due to the presence of his father in the emperor’s palace. But she could not face it anymore and decided to abandon all of her comfort for her peace of mind. Check out more details on the upcoming chapter in the article below!

How To Hide The Emperor’s Child Chapter 48: Astell Moving To East?

The How To Hide The Emperor’s Child Chapter 48 will start the voyage of Astell to the east. She has taken the guide with jewels on it to make a living in the East. The chief of Ranberg Knights decided to help her indirectly. She will be leaving the emperor’s palace with her grandfather and her nephew. But the journey of Astell from this point is not going to be easy. Now she has to manage a family of three.

She has to take care of an old man and a young boy with dreams. Astell has to make arrangements for the education of her nephew and the care of her grandfather. Eklen has given her the means for her path. But she has to choose the right path with good use of means. She cannot manage to misuse the means Eklen has given her. Moreover, the means are all the money she has with her.

Chapter 47 Recap: Meeting Between Astell And Eklen!

The previous chapter, How To Hide The Emperor’s Child Chapter 47, was not exciting. Astell’s father snatched all the belongings of Her Majesty from her. Now Astell was completely helpless and did not have any money for his shifting. However, she gets to know that Eklen has come to meet her. She sends her grandfather to attend to her nephew Theor in the hall. She rushes towards Eklen’s location to greet her.

Eklen was beholding one of Astell’s paintings in her room. Eklen became a little uncomfortable and apologized for her exposed painting. However, Eklen mentioned that he had seen that painting before. Then Eklen hands over the guidebook from East to Astell. However, Astell soon realized that the guidebook was the means to support her financially. Soon Eklen comes to know that Astell is leaving the palace the next day, and the chapter ends here.

How To Hide The Emperor’s Child Chapter 48: Release Date:

The fan following of the titular manhwa is insane, but the makers might not be aware of the scheduling and the hype around it. That’s why the manhwa is delayed for the upcoming chapter. There is no confirmed update on the release date of the manhwa. But critics have speculated that How To Hide The Emperor’s Child Chapter 48 might release in a couple of days. Don’t forget to visit our page for the same update!