Kingdom Chapter 712: Gian’s Trap! Release Date & Leaks

Kingdom Chapter 712


The English versions of Kingdom are running on a delayed schedule. Even so, the hype around the manga is not settling in any way. Kingdom Chapter 712 is lined up for a release this week. Plus, the plot updates of the chapter are already out. To hint at the plot updates, fans can be assured that something big is about to come around. Reaching Gian is only the first part of the story. What is more difficult is to see how things will turn around then and there. Here is all that you need to know about the chapter.

In the upcoming chapter, Qin’s troops will finally reach Gian. But to their surprise, there would not be any resistance from Zhao. This itself creates suspicion for the armies. Have they all stepped into danger? Only reading the chapter will give away all the answers.

Kingdom Chapter 712: What Will Happen Next?

The plot details of the upcoming chapter of Kingdom are already out. The chapter will begin in Ousen’s Headquarters, where he receives a report that Kanki had taken control of 50,000 men and was heading towards Riboku’s caravan. On the other side, Kanki’s Army is heading towards the northern region. The terrain was getting darker and riskier to travel in. Ten will be the first ones to notice that this is the place where the attack would take place. Rei will mention that if anything goes wrong in the war, they will join them soon enough.

But as Kanki got further and further inside Zhao’s territory, they realized that there was no resistance to them from the armies. They will reach Gian’s territory without any struggle. After a short banter in Kanki’s Headquarters, the chapter will play out its final act in Jukryeo. Here, Qin would see that there are no soldiers marked at the castle. A siege plan would be decided. But all of them would notice something strange about the castle towards the end of the chapter.

Previous Chapter Recap!

The 711th chapter of the Kingdom manga started in the North with Kansaro arguing about the role of Qin’s commander. He believed that the commander had lived his tenure and it was time and it was his time to step down. But his men argued that under the leadership of the commander, Zhao would surely fall. Just then, Kansaro gets a report finding that Qin had already attacked Jiaga. But Zhao had ended up covering more than 50,000 men of the Qin. But compared to the 200,000 they had been expecting, this was quite a small number.

Marron then asks Ten about what are her opinion was. She concluded that 50,000 was a good enough number to attack Gian. In addition, even if they knew that the attack was going to happen, there would not be more than 10-20,000 soldiers spare for the attack. Towards the end of the chapter, Riboku, who is at Gian comes to know that Qin was approaching them with the fullest force.

Kingdom Chapter 712: Release Date

As suggested by the plot updates, there will not be any break in the release of the 712th chapter of Kingdom. So, Kingdom Chapter 712 is set to release this weekend on March 13, 2022. All chapters of the manga will be available on the official pages of Kodansha. You will find all updates of the release on this space. Thus, stay tuned for more.