Land Of The Lustrous Anime: Cast Returns For A Commercial! Release Date & Plot

Land of the Lustrous Anime is appealing because of its beautiful scenery, new style, and unique idea. It promises those who look for it a unique adventure. And this adventure is coming to the screens soon enough. The latest update brought new intel from the makers and the cast. So, without taking much of your time, here is all you need to know about the new intel from this popular banner.

The series is written and illustrated by Haruko Ichikawa. It takes place in a strange and far-off future where humans made entirely of jewels are referred to as “gems.” It’s a fantasy manga set on Earth many centuries in the future, and it’s about a new jewel-like species that fights against the Moon people. A fantastic aspect of Land of the Lustrous is its inclusive, non-binary cast. The portrayal of Gems as aliens with humanoid bodies can potentially reinforce damaging stereotypes. Yet the genuineness and depth of the plot and the authenticity of the characters’ experiences have resonated with many LGBTQ+ viewers. Here, you can find instructions on reading and watching this incredible story and visual treat.

Land Of The Lustrous Anime: What Is The Plot?

We are taken back to a time when meteorites hit Earth six times, changing the surface each time and leaving only a single island. New races, like the Jewels, appear over time; they look much like us but are immortal. Our hero is Phosphophyllite (yes, that’s his real name). Given its relative weakness, Phos is useless in the face of the Moon People, who are their archenemies (Lunarians). With a hardness of only 3, she is readily shattered.

Still, it doesn’t mean Phos isn’t eager to prove herself on the battlefield. So, how well the people who stand in for the precious stones do in battle depends on how “hard” they are. The theme that strength and invulnerability confer greater worth in this fantasy manga’s little community runs throughout the story.

The Cast Reappear for a Commercial!

In a new commercial for the twelfth volume of Haruko Ichikawa’s beloved original manga, Tomoyo Kurosawa and Mikako Komatsu play the anime characters Phosphophyllite and Shinsha for a short time. The manga resumed serialization this year after a five-year break. Haruko Ichikawa’s Land of the Lustrous manga began serialization in Monthly Afternoon in October 2012. The twelfth volume is now available after nearly two and a half years between books.

Six meteors hit Earth in the distant future of the novel. Due to this, almost all forms of life vanished. However, a new race, the eternal jewel-like Lustrous, has emerged after countless millennia. Phosphophyllite, or Phos, as she is more commonly known, is the protagonist and a member of the Lustrous. They have a low hardness compared to other gems. Hence most other gems avoid them. But what they want is to be able to aid their pals in the fight against the Lunarians (or Moon people).

Land of the Lustrous Anime: Where To Watch

From October through December 2017, Japan aired a 12-episode anime adaptation of Land of the Lustrous. The company said that an English dub of the show would air on the Anime Strike channel of Sentai Filmworks. When Anime Strike was shut down in January of 2018, the shows were moved to Amazon Prime. As a bonus, you can watch it on HIDIVE. The Blu-ray collection is available at numerous shops, including Amazon, Right Stuf Anime, and Walmart, for those who want a physical copy of the releases. Stay Tuned!

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