One Punch Man Chapter 150: The Arrival Of King! Release Date & More

One Punch Man Chapter 150

It is always a struggle to keep up with OPM chapter releases, for there is no set schedule. One Punch Man Chapter 150 is also in the same position this weekend. The original release was supposed to be that of today as per trustable sources. But we do not have a chapter so far. Nonetheless, the predictions and fan theories are always alive to retain the excitement for the new chapter. As for this one, there is a certain arrival that you should watch out for!

In the last chapter, we see that Ugly Fuhrer and Garou are in the midst of a gruesome fight. As it happens, we are already familiar with the power quotient of Garou as a fighter. However, since Saitama is not returning to the frame anytime soon, Fuhrer must handle the giant man on his own. Will he be able to make it? Let’s analyze the odds!

One Punch Man Chapter 150: Plot Details!

Since the release date of OPM chapters is always in the state of limbo, it is hard for viewers to get hold of the raw scans beforehand. Even now, there isn’t much solid information that we can rely upon to speculate the coming plot of One Punch Man Chapter 150. But there is enough buzz around the internet through which we can make predictions. Since the arrival of the King, the story of OMP has taken a sharp turn towards a grim arc.

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Saitama has stayed out of the picture for a long time now. Fans are aggressively predicting his return in the new chapter for the ultimate villain is also here. Moreover, we can also see a concluding battle between Fuhrer and Garou since they could not reach a conclusion in the previous chapter. Let’s see what the next chapter holds in store for us!

Previous Chapter Recap!

The last chapter of One Punch Man was full of action and shocking revelations. The chapter itself starts with a ferocious action sequence with the Monsters. The monsters are none other than the minions sent by the Monster Association. We see that Ugly Fuhrer is stuck in the midst of a fight between the Golden Sperm and the Homeless Emperor. Later, the chapter ends with the meeting between King and Genos. Here, the King is inspecting an unconscious Tatsumaki along with Black Sperms. The re-entry of King was the best surprise that sets the stage for One Punch Man Chapter 150.

One Punch Man Chapter 150: Release Date

The last chapter of OPM was released at the exact speculated time. Thus, fans can be hopeful that the new chapter will also arrive on the due date. So, as per predictions, One Punch Man Chapter 150 might arrive this weekend on July 25, 2021. As usual, you can expect a minute delay here and there. But there isn’t going to be a major hiatus in the release. According to time zones, the chapter might arrive a little later in some territories.

Are you excited about One Punch Man Chapter 150? What are your thoughts about King’s entry in the manga? Please share your personal opinions with us in the comment box below. For more latest updates on incoming manga chapters, keep visiting The Anime Daily.