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One Punch Man Chapter 147: Who Will Fight Garou? Release Date!

The last OPM chapter saw an epic foreshadowing of a grave battle that is about to come. This time in One Punch Man Chapter 147, even Saitama is not around to help the others. While the heroes are more than sufficient to battle any monster, they are all enjoyed post the previous fight. Moreover, the enemy in front of them is none other than Garou!


The last issue of One Punch Man was, in all senses, an epic chapter. The visual masterpiece that was the fight of our heroes and the regenerating monster is applaudable. However, it now looks like the next one will be way better than this. This is because Saitama and Garou might come face-to-face! So, One Punch Man Chapter 147 is not very far away. Here is everything to know about the next issue.

One Punch Man Chapter 147

One Punch Man Chapter 147: What Will Happen Next?

In the last chapter, we saw that Garou is stopping Regatta on their way to Fubuki. Since Regatta is not in his best shape, it will be difficult for him to battle Garou for too long. Even Genos is not strong enough to handle the fight alone. Thus, the next chapter will see an epic one-on-one between two lone fighters against a giant beast. However, neither of them will be able to stop Garou.

Thus, one can only hope for Saitama to enter the scene at the right time and save the day. Many fans predict that this fight might be an end for Bang. But, the weight of this theory cannot be judged just yet. What we know for sure is that the fight is going to intense and epic. So, are you excited about the upcoming chapter?

Previous Episode Recap

The previous chapter of OPM so an epic battle with one of the strongest monsters that we have seen so far. The heroes did what best they could to stop the regenerating creature, but ultimately all were gravely injured. Just when the monster was about to kill everyone, the Council of the Sword Masters arrives to save the day. In an alternate arena, Regatta Master is still taking help from Genos.


Both are going to Fubuki to heal Regatta’s wounds. However, Garou comes in their way. How will the broken survivors fight this monster now? Will anybody come for rescue? We will only find out when the next chapter comes out.

One Punch Man Chapter 147

One Punch Man Chapter 147: Release Date

Since the release of One Punch Man is not as regular as other manga, we can only speculate a could-be release date. According to the current release cycle, One Punch Man Chapter 147 might release on July 1, 2021. However, some sources suggest that the chapter may come out on June 12, 2021. Well, there is nothing to worry about. The show makers usually confirm the release a few days before the date. So, we will update this section as soon as the exact launch date is out.


Are you eager to read One Punch Man Chapter 147? How will our heroes give a tough fight to Garou? Please share your thoughts with us in the comment box below. For more latest updates on OPM, keep visiting The Anime Daily.