Platinum End Episode 2: Mirai Becomes An Angel! Release Date & Plot

Platinum End Episode 2


The first episode of Platinum End is out on Crunchyroll, and the response has been overwhelming. So far, fans are loving the new isekai franchise. The pilot episode beautifully introduced the world of protagonist Mirai Kakehashi to the viewers. The young boy was on the brink of taking his own life was saved by an angel from a parallel dimension. Now, Platinum End Episode 2 eyes the explanation of all the events that took place in the pilot episode. So, here is all you need to know about the outing.

In the forthcoming episode, Mirai will decide whether he wants to be a part of the new angel world or he wants to go back to the life of denialism. The protagonist is most likely to accept the offer made by the angel who saved him. However, he is still not privy to what lies ahead of him in the new world.

Platinum End Episode 2: Plot Details

The forthcoming episode of Platinum End is titled “Hero of Justice.” In the next outing, Mirai is likely to make the biggest decision of his life. When he went to the roof of the building and tried to take his life by jumping down, he was saved by an angel. The unnamed creature saved Mirai and gave him the powers of an angel. She explains that her late uncle was the savior of Earth. However, she lost him at an early age. Now, she wished Mirai to become the next hero.

Mirai is most likely to accept the offer as he is already frustrated with his own life. He might not refuse the tickets to the newer exciting world. Thus, after he agrees to be the next hero, the angel will tell him everything about the parallel angel world

that exists within human society. Platinum End Episode 2 will also touch upon Mirai’s new powers and their utilities.

Previous Episode Recap!

The first episode of Platinum End is dedicated to the character introduction and world-building around them. The episode introduced the viewers to the protagonist named Mirai Kakehashi. Mirai is a middle-aged man who is going through endless crises in his life. Tired of running away from his problems, he decided to take his own life. Thus, one evening after work, he climbed to the rooftop of his building and jumped without getting a second thought.

However, when he opened his eyes, he was lying on a bed in a strange place. As he got up, an angel came in to aid him. The beautiful fairy revealed that she was the one who saved him from the fall and brought him here. She revealed that she once used to have an uncle who was destined to be the warrior of the Earth. However, he died in combat very young. Thus, she requested Mirai to accept the powers of an angel and become the next savior.

Platinum End Episode 2: Release Date

The second episode of the new series is all set to bring epic revelations about Mirai to the floors. So, Platinum End Episode 2 will release this Friday on October 15, 2021. All episodes of the new show will release on Crunchyroll. Moreover, the free version of the episode will release a week after the initial premiere. Stay tuned with The Anime Daily for more updates.