Anime Universes That We Never Wish To Visit

Anime Universes That We Never Wish To Visit | The Anime Daily

The anime industry is pretty creative and wild at the same time. Over the years, there have been multiple worlds that we have visited through anime. While some have been places that we wish were real, there are universes that we don’t want to ever visit. For instance, the universe of My Hero Academia is something we all want to be true. But the walled city of Attack on Titan does not seem pleasing at all. Today, we are listing all those places that aren’t the best choices for a trip. Here is a list of all the Anime Universes That We Never Wish To Visit!

Deadman Wonderland

The mere concept of Deadman Wonderland is something that can give chills to any viewer. A prison that conducts deadly matches is an arena that is claustrophobic in theory itself. Imagine a live telecast of a match as such. The mere thought of watching matches that end with the death of one of the opponents is bone-chilling. In the anime Deadman Wonderland, people do enjoy and bet on such matches. This is the sheer reason why no one wants to visit this prison. What are your thoughts about this prison? Please let us know in the comment box below.

Anime Universes That We Never Wish To Visit

Japan Of Death Note

The next place on this list is the Japan and the entire world of Death Note. Imagine living under the constant fear of getting killed if you break the law even by accident. A world that accepts the presence and justice of Kira is downright haunting. What would befall the criminals who are innocents or who were framed for crimes by other masterminds? Well, in Death Note’s world, even if you come close to a crime scene, accept death by a heart attack in the next six minutes. This is the reason why this is one of the Anime Universes that is extremely haunting to live in.

Death Note

Japan Of Demon Slayer

Yes, there are many pleasing and visually stunning places in Demon Slayer. But how good are such places if one cannot walk freely without the fear of getting eaten by a demon? Even though the Demon Corps exists for the protection of the common people, but there are way more demons in the country than there are protectors. In such a case, who would want to be in Japan? This is the sheer reason why we do not ever wish to visit the universe of Demon Slayer.

Demon Slayer

The Earth Of Parasyte The Maxim

One more universe we never wish to encounter is that of anime Parasyte The Maxim. An Earth that is invaded by creepy crawlies is a thought haunting in itself. On top of this is the part where these insects infiltrate the minds of humans by entering their brains. Well, we’d never want an alien invasion as such on Earth. Even if the bugs have no superpowers, they are scary in many ways. There is no limit as to how much terror an attack as such would create. Thus, this is one of the Anime Universes that no one would ever want to see live.

Anime Universes That We Never Wish To Visit

The Promised Neverland

Another world that we wish never comes true is the universe of anime series, The Promised Neverland. The Grace Field House is a nightmare to live in. A place where all the adults are trying to keep the children in discipline by using means like murder and torture is somewhere no one would want to visit. If you have already seen The Promised Neverland, then you know what befalls the children of this orphanage. Normal people would never want to visit a town from where they cannot escape!

Anime Universes That We Never Wish To Visit

Paradise Of Attack On Titan

What an irony it is that the town of Attack on Titan is named Paradise. A place that has walls on all the three sides is more claustrophobic than paradisaical. Imagine living in the constant fear of being attacked by giant titans who would eat you in a split second. This is exactly how the people of Paradise have been living for ages. If there is some hidden paradise on Earth somewhere, we just hope that they safely return back to the human world!

Anime Universes That We Never Wish To Visit

Tokyo Jujutsu High

Another one of the scariest anime universes is the Jujutsu High Academy of Tokyo. In concept, this is one of the most renowned sorcery institutions of Japan. But the demons and the spirits that lurk underneath this place are something that makes this school displeasing in every way. If only the school was devoid of all the dangers, everyone would want to join the exorcism institution. But the place itself is full of haunting demons. Thus, no one wants this world to become real.

Anime Universes That We Never Wish To Visit

With this, we can conclude our list of all the Anime Universes That We Never Wish To Visit! Which of these universes do you think you would survive? Is there any other universe that we did not mention in this list? Please share your thoughts with us in the comment box below. For more such exciting listicles, The Anime Daily is your place!

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