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Since the time of its establishment, Studio Madhouse has created a name for itself in the anime industry. The studio has given us multiple anime series that are still more than just watchable. From Hunter x Hunter to One Punch Man, the production company has made it clear that they can take up any genre of projects. Today, we are listing all those works that are exceptional to the studio’s catalog. Thus, without any further ado, here is a brief list of the Best Anime By Studio Madhouse.

Hunter X Hunter

What is a better anime to inaugurate this list than Hunter X Hunter? The 2011 reboot, which was essentially the most successful of all the editions, was created by Studio Madhouse. People still continue to praise and applaud the animation of the series. The studio, in total, animated 148 episodes in the series.

The story of Hunter X Hunter follows a decisive young boy named Gon Freecss, who is the last heir to the family of hunters. As it happens, he loses his father to a demonic hunt. This pushes the boy to take on the job of a hunter himself. In a life-changing adventure, he finds what makes him the best hunter in Japan. Watch this brilliant masterpiece by Madhouse as soon as you finish with your current binge.

Best Anime By Madhouse Studio


The next name on this list of the Best Anime By Studio Madhouse is Overlord. The popular studio has an exceptional talent for creating gaming anime series. Over the years, the studio has also created many memorable anime that left a mark as some of the best Isekai anime of all time.

So, this 2015 anime tells the story of Momonga, an incredible game player who gets stuck in the virtual world because of a petty mistake. What follows is a series of levels that he must breach in order to become the ultimate game lord and escape back to reality. The animation of Overlord is downright genius, and you should watch the show at least once.


One Punch Man

Of course, there is no way one cannot add OPM to the list of the best works by Studio Madhouse. One Punch Man first came out in the year 2015 and the inaugural season was animated by Madhouse. Since then, the show’s popularity does not seem to dilute. So, the story of the popular anime series follows Saitama, who is Earth’s strongest superhero. He fights and quarrels with villains as a mere hobby. However, the man is almost bored with this miraculous power as he finds no worthy opponent.

Watch how Madhouse animates all those amazing battle sequences of Saitama beating up enormous giants. This is a must-watch Madhouse production for all otakus.

One punch man

The Tatami Galaxy

The next name on this list of the Best Anime By Studio Madhouse is The Tatami Galaxy. The anime is easily one of the most underrated series by Madhouse. The 2010 anime only has eleven episodes, but the impact it leaves is long-lasting. The story of TTG follows a high school student who explores his life in multiple parallel universes. In every episode, we see that his life changes every time he joins a different school club. From his present to his future, everything shows a stark contrast in every dimension. Both in concept and execution, the Tatami Galaxy is sure to leave you stunned.

Best Anime By Madhouse Studio

Hajime No Ippo

One of the most successful and popular sports-oriented shows that was created by Madhouse in the 2000s was Hajime no Ippo. The boxing-themed anime tells the story of the titular character Ippo Makunouchi. This young high school student often turns out to be the center of every bullying incident. Not that he ever bullies anyone; it is his classmates who bully him.

One day, professional boxing coach Takamura Mamoru offers to help this weakling boy. What follows is an incredible journey of an International Boxing champion. It is incredible to watch how Ippo channelizes all his fear and anger in his game. Madhouse surely deserves praise for this one.

Best Anime By Madhouse Studio


One of the classics that was created by the production company in 2007 is Claymore. The female-centric show was a tough risk by Madhouse. But eventually, the success and popularity led to the production of many more episodes. So, this Best Anime By Studio Madhouse tells the story of demon-hunting warriors who fashion themselves as Claymore.

A secluded kingdom is often haunted by monsters and demons who take away helpless children and women to devour them. Raki is a learning companion of Claymore, around whom the story is based. If you want to witness the classic animation style of Madhouse, then this is the best time to revisit Claymore.


No Game No Life

One more Isekai anime that joins the list of the Best Anime By Studio Madhouse is No Game No Life. The inaugural season of the popular Isekai series landed on the screens in 2014. With only twelve episodes, Madhouse has proven that they are capable of creating impactful cinema. So, the story of No Game No Life is as simple as its name. Gaming master siblings Shiro and Sora are invited by Game Lords to play a game of chess.

As it happens, the makers lose with much embarrassment to the children. Hence, they take the duo under their abduction until they complete all the levels for them.

Best Anime By Madhouse Studio

Parasyte The Maxim

The final name on this list is the Parasyte the Maxim. Parastye is a well-known show that has been the topic of talk for years, and all the credit for this goes to Studio Madhouse. The 2014 anime tells the story of an alien invasion where bugs are taking control of humanity by infiltrating their brains. But Izumi Shinichi was sleeping with his earphones on when the bugs try to enter his ear.

Thus, the insect takes control over his arm instead. Now, both of them must work in full coordination in order to stay alive. Watch this incredible masterpiece by Madhouse to experience thrill like never before.

Best Anime By Madhouse Studio

With this, we have come to the conclusion of this list of the Best Anime By Studio Madhouse. Which of these shows is your personal favorite? Please let us know in the comment box below. For more latest anime updates, keep coming back to The Anime Daily.

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