13 Best Anime About Games
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13 Best Anime About Games That Will Blow Your Mind!

The Game genre is one of the most versatile forms of storytelling. Let aside anime, this style of filmmaking has seen massive success over the years. Take the example of the overly popular Hunger Games series, or consider the famous western film Jumanji. This is proof enough that game-cinema works. The anime industry has a full variety of shows that play with this genre. Today, we have handpicked only the best shows that are worth your time. Therefore, without any further ado, here is our list of the 13 Best Anime About Games.

1. Hack//Sign

To inaugurate this list, what is a better anime than Hack//Sign. Bee Train Studio is behind this behind this pathbreaking fantasy world. The plot of Hack//Sign is pretty much in line with other recent isekai anime. A bunch of friends is stuck in a video game world that is ironically named ‘The World.’ The team of The Crimson Knights must find their way towards the end of the game so that they can finally return from The World. Hack//Sign is a thrilling story of constant setbacks and revivals.

13 Best Anime About Games

2. Re:Zero

Five years ago, the White Fox Studios decides to reboot an already popular isekai manga into an anime. And the product was Re:Zero. This two-season saga of a normal boy Subaru. But one day, he is transported to a different world altogether. Subaru realizes that he has the power to turn back time. As a result, Subaru decides to help Emilia to become the Queen of this new world. Re:Zero is the story of an underdog who goes on to do great things.

13 Best Anime About Games

3. Kaiji

Studio Madhouse is known for creating quality anime shows. One such phenomenal concept that they came up with was the Kaiji anime. The two-season story is a psychological thriller about the titular protagonist Kaiji. An unlucky game of gamble leads Kaiji into a life-threatening situation. He learns the harsh realities of life while running away from the goons. But these goons are not the only enemies he has made. Now, we don’t want to spoil the fun for you by revealing the real threat. So, watch to find the mystery yourself.

13 Best Anime About Games

4. High Score Girl

We are in a time where arcades are still new things. In this period, Haruo has established that he will become a world gaming champion. Enters Akira, who is the only one who can challenge Haruo’s skills. Thus, an endless rivalry begins. High Score Girl is an easy watch if you are looking to take a break from all the action. Moreover, this beautiful story was brought to us by J.C.Staff Studios.

13 Best Anime About Games

5. No Game No Life

An anime that is based around the themes of gaming and the fantasy world is No Game No Life. The credit for the production of this show goes to Madhouse Studios. The story traces brother and sister, Sora and Shiro. These two are geniuses when it comes to gaming. But they must prove their intelligence when a gaming world calls wars upon the two. Hence, watch this show to witness how the two smarties outwit a virtual program. Well, No Game No Life is one of the most successful shows of recent times, securing itself a spot in the list of best anime about games.

13 Best Anime About Games

6. Overlord

Brought to us by Madhouse, Overlord is a pretty household name for many otakus. Much like the regular isekai anime shows, Overlord also follows a protagonist who gets stuck in a gaming world. Now, he must abide by the rules of the game and find his way out to the real world. But, this is not easy as there are several obstacles in the way of completing the missions. Overlord has released three seasons till now. So, catch up with the show until the fourth edition comes out.


7. Persona Sagas

Anime Persona Sagas is a four-season series that follows the themes of supernatural occurrences. The show is an anime adaptation of the game of the same name. The story starts with a police investigation, which is looking into the mysterious happenings in Ayanagi city. But they accidentally awake a threat that was asleep for a long time. Watch to find yourself what this threat actually is. Thus, the Persona Sagas is definitely worth your time and one of the best offers on the list of best anime about games.

13 Best Anime About Games

8. Summer Wars

So, Summer Wars is a single movie venture by Madhouse Studios. The story is set in a virtual world of gaming. The young protagonist Kenji unknowingly starts a war between this virtual world and the real world. With the entire humanity at stake, he must find a way to counter his actions. Summer War is indeed a thrilling story of blurry lines between the real and the virtual world.

Summer Wars

9. Sword Art Online

With over five seasons, Sword Art Online is currently dominating the world of gaming anime. A-1 Pictures is behind this soulful gaming story. The plot revolves around a bunch of random players who are being held as captives by the game-makers. Moreover, they can only escape when they reach the 100th level. And there are no second chances in the game. If not for the story, then do watch SAO for its stunning visuals.

Sword Art Online

10. Death Parade

Another anime from Madhouse that made it to the list is Death Parade. So, Death Parade is a 12-episode story that revolves around the fate of a soul after death. Many souls who are not stamped to be either in hell or in heaven come to the place called the Quindecim Bar. Here, a bartender gets to decide the fate of the soul through various mind games. Those who come clean get the ticket to heaven while the rest go to hell. Death Parade is an unconventional concept to witness. Therefore, the show will definitely force you to rethink the actions of humanity as a whole.

Death Parade

11. Kakegurui

This contender is a nomination from the MAPPA Studios. Kakegurui delves into the themes of psychology and drama through a gambling game. Meet Yumeko Jabami, who is a new student in this ivy league school. But Yumeko is not a usual student, and neither is this school a usual place. Both of them have seen gambling closely. Follow the journey of Yumeko as she tries her luck in this new place. Thus, you will definitely enjoy this two-season series as it is one of the best anime about games.

13 Best Anime About Games

12. Accel World

This Sunrise Studio production has really outdone many classic anime in terms of concept. Accel World is a single-season venture which became very popular at the time of release. Since then, fans continue to suggest this anime to friends and peers. The story of Accel World is set in the 2040s, where the protagonist, Haruyuki, is a gaming addict. One of the big reasons for his addiction is his non-existent social life. But things escalate quickly when he comes across a game called the Accel World. That’s right, he is transported to this world to complete a bunch of missions. So, do not miss out on AW if the world of science fiction intrigues you.

13 Best Anime About Games

13. Log Horizon

Anime Log Horizon is the story of the mass abduction of people in a virtual gaming world. More than thirty thousand people are stuck in the same world. In order to find a way out, the protagonist forms a team of mismatched players. See how the group ‘Log Horizon’ defeats this virtual program to bring all the people back in reality. Thus, this one is definitely worth your time.

Log Horizon

So, with Long Horizon, we can conclude our list of the 13 Best Anime About Games. Which of these shows is your favorite? Please let us know in the comment section down below. For more such listicles, keep coming back to The Anime Daily.

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