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Sword Art Online: Gun Gale Online Review [Spoiler Free] | The Anime Daily

Sword Art Online: Gun Gale Online was a disappointment for the fans of the original show. It may not be a deserving spin-off, but it sure is a good action anime in itself. Upon release in April 2018, GGO opened up to mixed reviews from fans and critics alike. Even today, it’s quite hard to decide whether to watch this show or not. Hence, here’s a Spoiler-Free Gun Gale Online Review for your help.


Sword Art Online is an extremely popular anime (adapted from an LN series of the same name) that shook the anime industry back in 2012. It became one of the best shows featuring virtual reality MMORPG worlds. Hence, its spin-off series, Gun Gale Online created much buzz around its release in 2018. Its story was an alternative to 2014’s Sword Art Online II. GGO centers around a college student Karen with a height complex for being abnormally tall. Upon playing a VR game Gun Gale Online, she gets her desired short, cute, and petite avatar.

Gun Gale Online Is Not Related To Sword Art Online

Fans of the popular franchise complained that Gun Gale Online barely had any relations with the original show. Well, being an alternative series, GGO had a different story and characters from either season of SAO. Hence, aside from a few mentions, the new anime did not talk about Sword Art Online, neither does it feature Kirito. The only similarity between the two shows is that they’re based in the same world.

As a result, Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online did not impress the original anime’s hardcore fans. Even though it was a good action as a whole, the spin-off did not match the quality of Sword Art Online. Thus, watch GGO only if you’re open to exploring a new story.


Is Gun Gale Online Worth The Watch?

Despite being criticized by SAO fans, the spin-off series gained its separate fanbase. Viewers seemed to like its story and action, setting aside its relations from the original anime. Gun Gale Online has more grounded game developments and is much more believable. Studio 3Hz has worked hard on the action spectacle of the series. Besides, critics have appreciated its quality of CGI and detailed animation in several action sequences.


On the other hand, the audience seemed to like the setting of the anime too. The main character was likable, while others kept the pace going. The protagonist and antagonist both go through interesting character development. Moreover, the spin-off’s ending provides a satisfying stance on the central theme. Overall, Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online is an entertaining watch.