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Flip Flappers Review [Spoiler Free] | The Anime Daily

It isn’t easy to recommend Flip Flappers. Studio 3Hz had put in much effort in the production of the anime. They picked up an intriguing story and presented it with grace. Even though it was quite entertaining, the show left us confused at times between the episodes. Hence, we’re here with a Spoiler-Free Flip Flappers Review, to help you decide whether to give it a watch or not.


Flip Flappers is an original anime series produced by Studio 3Hz. It was directed by Kiyotaka Oshiyama, while Yuniko Ayana provided the concept of the story. The 2016 television show was reviewed when it first released. However, it couldn’t reach many people and it failed to sell much of its Blu-Ray and DVD volumes.

The series centers around a generic Kawaii anime girl Cocona, who’s concerned about her future and career. That’s when she unexpectedly meets an energetic yet eccentric redhead, Papika. In no time, she drags Cocona into an organization called Flip Flap, which introduced them to a parallel universe. The parallel universe called Pure Illusion contains magical shards. These fragments enable the girls to transform into superpowered magical girls, and this is where their journey begins.

Does ‘Flip Flappers’ Deserve A Watch?

The story of the anime is like any other sci-fi alternate world show, yet, it’s intriguing enough for a watch. One of its main drawing features is its Kawaii moments, which are popular amongst Japanese anime. However, Flip Flappers uplifts the cute girls and portrays them as powerful and strong leads. The episodes jump between different tones, from comic scenes to intense and sad ones. As a whole, the series offers a variety of emotions and keeps the viewers interested.


Most adventures taken up by the girls are fun and exciting. Also, the concept of Pure Illusion keeps you hooked. The yuri sideline and emotional tension between Cocona and Papika are an interesting addition to the general plot. On the other hand, the efforts Studio 3Hz has put into the animation of Flip Flappers is worth appreciation. Its colors are vibrant, topped with visually appealing art and visual effects. Overall, the anime is an entertaining watch with good music and storyline. It surely is a hidden gem that deserves more attention.

Issues With The Anime


The one main reason that drags down the quality of Flip Flappers is its complex plot structure. Thus, even though the storyline is interesting, it is also confusing several times. Even if you pay enough attention, it’s hard to keep up with many of its plot points. Hence, if you miss a detail while watching, you might not understand what’s happening. Despite having plenty of action-packed scenes, viewers tend to lose track of the story. As a result, only those who bear with the confusion will be able to enjoy the well-crafted show.