We Want To Know About Kaguya Chapter 183: Kaguya & President Team Up! Release Date

We Want To Talk About Kaguya Chapter 183

Credit: Naver

It seems like the president wants to stay closer to Kaguya in We Want To Know About Kaguya Chapter 183. The last we saw, Kaguya was trying to capture pictures of their favorite cat Gomanosuke. But sadly, they didn’t get any. It left Erika sobbing, and now Kaguya will help her to change her mood. But will it be easy? Understanding or talking to Kaguya has never been a piece of cake. Now let’s see how Kaguya will deal with it in the next outing.

Now in the 183rd chapter, Kaguya will help Erika to boost up. Erika was upset after Gomanosuke left her. But Kaguya will try her best to lift her mood, and soon something miraculous will take place. Meanwhile, the president has some plans for Kaguya.

We Want To Know About Kaguya Chapter 183: What Will Happen Next?

In the following chapter, Erika will wonder why Gomanosuke doesn’t like her. So she will start crying, and Kaguya will try her best to calm her down. It won’t be that easy at all. But out of nowhere, Gomanosuke will show up and start cuddling, helping Erika to boost her confidence. After watching them play together, Kaguya will decide to capture their pictures. She will click some of their pictures and post them on the academy’s favorite column.

The following day, Kaguya will have a word with the president. Well, he wants her to join him. So they can study in the same high school. For this, the president will bring some notes so Kaguya can prepare for the entrance exam. He will ask her to study together, which will flatter her. She will tell Erika about this and will be glad to know that the two are working together.

A Quick Recap!

The 182nd chapter opened up with Kaguya-san playing with the cat named Gomanosuke. But it came with a slight insight that Kaguya didn’t like cats, and she was a cat hater. However, she believed that Gomanosuke brought good luck and happiness, and she wanted to capture some pictures of him for their school newspaper. So she asked Fujiwara-san whether she knew where Gomanosuke was. But she had no clue and revealed that she last saw him near the student council room. Fujiwara-san also revealed that he’s been stopping by the student council room a lot.

So Kaguya and Erika inspected and tried to find Gomanosuke for the special feature image on a favorite academy block. Erika believed it would bring good luck and help the president and Kaguya bond more. She wondered if they ended up together, Kaguya would praise her for her good work. So she did her best to find Gomanosuke. She did find him and started playing with Abe-san’s cat, but he disappeared in the bushes. Both Kaguya and Erika tried to find him. But they couldn’t, leaving Erika sob.

We Want To Know About Kaguya Chapter 183: Release Date

We Want To Know About Kaguya follows an even release pattern. So chapter 183rd will release on August 9, 2022. It will be available on the official pages of Naver, Webtoon, and Kakao page. The chapter will focus on Kaguya and how she uplifts Erika. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.