Days Anime Season 2: Canceled Or Not? Release Date & Latest Updates

The Days manga has been quite famous ever since it began serialization back in 2013. This led to the popularity of its anime adaptation as well. However, despite its good performance, Studio MAPPA has not renewed Days Anime Season 2. Will it ever come out? What’s in the future of this sports anime? Here are all the answers to your burning questions.


For years, mangaka Tsuyoshi Yasuda sports manga has kept thousands of otakus entertained. As of 2020, he has released a total of forty-one volumes, and the series continues to survive. During its initial run, Days manga series won several awards, including the 40th Kodansha Manga Awards in the shōnen category. Hence, due to its popularity, Studio MAPPA picked the story up for an anime adaptation. The television anime series aired for 24 episodes between July and December 2016.

Days Anime Season 2: Renewed Or Canceled?

Soon after Season 1’s finale episode aired, the demand for a sequel surged. The story of the anime was not complete even after the first season. Hence, fans wanted to know what happens next. Luckily, the creators promised that they would be completing the plot. In fact, in a tweet, Crunchyroll confirmed that the Days anime will return for a second season.

However, it was later revealed that Crunchyroll had misreported, and there won’t be another season of the anime. The company later corrected themselves and announced that the sequel would be presented as three original anime DVDs (OADs). They also released a teaser promo and visual for the final Days anime project. Hence, Studio MAPPA launched the three episodes on March 16, May 17, and July 17, 2018, respectively. They wrapped up the story of the anime and resolved all the remaining plotlines. Hence, the popular sports anime has officially ended, and there might not be a Days Anime Season 2 ever.

Is There Still Any Hope?

Even though the show is canceled, a lot of viewers are still interested in Days Anime Season 2. Considering the heavy demand for more content, there is still hope for the anime’s return. In recent times, many anime projects with potential have been revived. However, they usually return as reboot series or anime movies. Thus, as long as fans are interested and are demanding another project, chances for another sequel will remain favorable.

Days Anime Season 2: Release Date


Well, as of now, the official status of the anime confirms that it is canceled. Hence, Days Anime Season 2 has low chances of return until another studio picks it up. On the other hand, the possibilities for a reboot series or anime film are high. However, these projects usually take a while to get the green flag. Hence, fans might not be able to watch any Days project for a few years. As per current circumstances, a 2022 release date seems the most likely. Keep an eye on this section for all future updates.