Testament Of Sister New Devil Season 3: Renewal, Release Date & Everything To Know

Shinmai Maou no Testament was an enjoyable ecchi anime for a lot of viewers. Years after its last release, Testament Of Sister New Devil Season 3 remains to be in high demand. However, Production IMS is yet to announce the renewal of the sequel. Will it ever return? What will it be about? Hence, here are all the answers to your burning questions.

Testament Of Sister New Devil or Shinmai Maou no Testament originated as a light novel series written by Tetsuto Uesu and illustrated by Nekosuke Ōkuma. Kadokawa Shoten began its serialization back in 2012, and as of today, a total of twelve volumes have been published. Due to its popularity, the LN series was soon picked up for two manga and an anime adaptation. The anime debuted back in January 2015, following an OVA episode in June of that year. Production IMS then released a second installment of the show in October 2015 alongside two more OVA episodes in the coming years.

Testament of Sister New Devil Season 3

Testament of Sister New Devil Season 3: Renewal Updates

Production IMS’s harem anime has a massive fan-following mainly because of its ecchi elements. Both seasons of the show received low critic ratings, yet managed to become commercially successful for producers. Viewers have often compared it to Highschool DxD for plot similarities, due to which it faced much criticism. Yet, both seasons and OVA episodes managed to gain popularity when they were released. As a result, the demand for Testament Of Sister New Devil Season 3 increased.

However, Production IMS or any other companies related to the show’s production haven’t announced its renewal. Well, that does not confirm the cancelation of the show either. Yet, one of the main threats to the future of the anime lies in its source material. The Shinmai Maou no Testament light novel series has already ended with its twelfth volumes that came out back in April 2018.

Testament of Sister New Devil Season 3

Since then, author Tetsuto Uesu has not released any new chapter of the original light novel. Moreover, the last volume also completed the main storyline of the LN series. Now that the source material has ended, its anime adaptation does not have any content to promote. Adaptations often act as an advertisement for their respective source material. Sadly, Testament Of Sister New Devil Season 3 has no purpose to return. However, given the popularity of the show, the new season might be able to survive by itself.

Is There Enough Source Material For Shinmai Maou no Testament Season 3?

One of the main constituents important for the renewal of an anime adaptation is the amount of source material left to adapt. Anime often get canceled due to the lack of content. Fortunately, Testament Of Sister New Devil Season 3 has plenty of content for new episodes. The original light novel series has a total of twelve volumes. Out of these, the first season covered the three volumes, whereas Season 4 adapted the next four.

Hence, Shinmai Maou no Testament Season 3 still has around five volumes for adaptation. The plot of the new season is likely to follow Volume 8 of the LN series. The sequel may as well wrap up the story of the anime.

Testament of Sister New Devil Season 3

What Will Be The Plot Of The New Season?

The story of the popular anime series centers around a high school student Toujo Basara. When his father remarries, he adopts two kawaii stepsisters, Mio and Maria Naruse. As his father departs overseas, Basara finds out that his sisters aren’t normal human beings but parts of a demon clan. Once this secret is revealed, Basara’s life turns upside down as he now has two protect them both from other demons.

In Testament Of Sister New Devil Season 3, viewers will find out that Mio’s father, the previous Demon King, was alive. Hence, it turns out that Basara is actually cousins with Mio and Maria (who are revealed to be real sisters). After an intense battle, Basara and the girls return to the human world, yet a battle between Maria and Zest breaks out. Later on, Basara is invited by school nurse Hasegawa for a trip. As per the looks, the new season seems to have a lot more ecchi content than the previous installments.

Testament Of Sister New Devil Season 3: Release Date

Production IMS has not renewed Shinmai Maou no Testament Season 3 yet, hence, it’s currently hard to predict a release date. However, even if the green flag comes this year, the sequel might take a year for production. As of now, a mid to late 2022 premiere date seems most likely. We will update this corner as soon as the official confirmation arrives.

Did you like the first two seasons of the anime? What are your expectations from Season 3? Do tell us in the comment section about Testament Of Sister New Devil Season 3.

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