5 Best Anime Series From MAPPA Studio

MAPPA: Maruyama Animation Produce Project Association established in June 2011 by its founder Masao Maruyama. In such a small period of 9 years, the MAPPA studio has successfully developed its gigantic image in the anime industry. It marked its debut in an anime world in 2012 by adaption of Yuki Kodama’s manga, Kids On The Slope. Since that time the studio has successfully produced numerous astounding anime. Here we are presenting you some of the famous anime series of MAPPA studio.

Yuri On Ice

A masterpiece from Sayo Yamamoto, which is based on ice skating had successfully run from Oct to Dec 2016. Yuri On Ice beautifully portrayed the message of how to learn from mistakes.

In the anime, the lead character Yuri Katsaki, a professional figure skater, badly loses in Grand Prix Finale. After losing a big competition the disheartened Yuki decided to leave ice skating and returned his homeland. The series took a turn when he met his mentor, Victor Nikiforov, who trained Yuki and by his help Yuki won that competition. 

Attack On Titan

Attack On Titan; a famous anime TV series in the history of Japan is based on the manga of Hajime Isayama. The first season aired in 2013 under the production banner of Wit Studio.

But, according to the source the upcoming season of the anime is from none other than the MAPPA Studio. However, this would be the finale of Attack On Titan, the anime which is full of dark fantasy, adventure and science fiction. The anime is supposed to release at the end of this year.

The God Of High School

The MAPPA has not only produced anime series from Japan but, it has the credits to bring Korean Manhwa into an amazing anime TV series. Yongge Park’s The God Of High School has been broadcasting on Tokyo MX since the start of this July.

Till this date, the anime has completed its 3 episodes. Its plot revolves around the title of God Of High School. It is the title, every student has dreamt about but, only one with incredible skills will win this title.

To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts

Abandoned Sacred Beasts is another masterpiece of MAPPA written by Shigeru Murakoshi. The anime series released exactly a year back to this month on Tokyo MX, MBS in Japan.

Its plot revolves around the incarnates who can eventually turn into a wild beast. Among them one is Hunk who luckily survived in the end but, now, it is on a mission to kill the other survived incarnates along with, the Schaal who accused Hunk that he killed his father.


Dororo is an adaption of 1960’s manga which is from the pen of Osamu Tezuka. The anime adaption of Osamu Tezuka’s manga is quite famous among children. The anime series portrays how an orphan child without limbs, face features and several other issues survive in this world.

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