91 Days Season 2: Canceled Or Not? Will It Return? Everything To Know

Studio Shuka’s popular anime is surely one of the best crime-drama anime in a long time. The story intrigued viewers from all around the world, and the series became an instant hit. As a result, the demand for 91 Days Season 2 kept on increasing. Has the studio renewed it yet? What are the chances of its return? Here’s everything you need to know.

91 Days is an original anime series directed by Hiro Kaburagi and written by Taku Kishimoto. It has animation by the studio Shuka, which was founded by former staff from Brian’s Base. Both its animation style and storyline were appreciated by critics and audiences alike. The plot is based in a town called Lawless, thriving on black market sales of illegally brewed liquor. The lead character Angelo Lagusa (later known as Avilio), left the town after losing his family in a mafia dispute. Years later, he finally has a chance to seek revenge.

91 Days

91 Days Season 2: Renewed Or Canceled?

The first season of the anime was a wholesome watch for many viewers. Yet, a lot of them ended up craving for more episodes. For the last four years, fans have been waiting for 91 Days Season 2. However, Studio Shuka is yet to wave the green flag. Well, that does not ensure the cancellation of the series either. In fact, the chances for a sequel are still pretty high.

Being an original story, 91 Days does not have to depend on any source material. Its renewal relies only on the performance of its first season. Fortunately, the debut installment was a commercial success and gained enough popularity to deserve a second chance. Hence, there’s still hope for the show.

Moreover, fans don’t need to worry about the four-year-long hiatus either. Unlike US television shows, anime tend to have long gaps between seasons. In fact, many well-known names, including Attack On Titan and One-Punch Man, have taken as long as four to five years to return. Likewise, 91 Days might take a while to come back. As of now, we can only wait for an official announcement.

91 Days

Is There Enough Content For The Sequel?

Well, unlike anime adaptations, 91 Days is an original story. Hence, Studio Shuka will have to come up with a new storyline for the sequel. Given that Season 1’s plot was resolved after the last episode, the studio can’t continue the initial story. However, the new season might draw some inspiration from the characters of the previous installment. Moreover, it may as well be based in Lawless and have a few of the old characters.

91 Days Season 2: Release Date

Fans might have to wait a little longer for the official renewal of 91 Days. Studio Shuka does not have any anime scheduled for 2021 yet. Hence, it’s a possibility that the studio might pick up the much-awaited sequel. Don’t worry, as we will update this article once they greenlight the installment. As of now, a late-2021 release date seems the most likely.

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