All The Details You Want To Know About Studio Ghibli’s Theme Park

Ghibli’s Studio since its start has remained a trendsetter whether it is in producing highly grossing anime or developing an adventure park. Being the senior it has always maintained its dignity and keep its audience updated with all the latest news related to the company and its work.

As due to COVID-19 pandemic, the work has already delayed for two weeks but there is a piece of good news for the people out there. According to the Sora News 24, Mr. Hideaki Omura (Aichi Prefecture governor) announced that “We are still on track and are planning to open the park in Fall 2022.” Well. there is a sigh of relieve that the work haven’t delayed that much and the opening will be there on is schedule.

Well before the real opening ceremony of the Ghibli’s park, you guys can experience its groundbreaking ceremony later this month. 

Along with other details, the Sora News 24 also shared the basic infrastructure of the park. According to the update, the upcoming endeavour is consists of 5five different sections. However, out of these five three are about to undergo construction soon. 

Hill Of Youth

It is an adaption of Whisper Of The Heart. The main feature of this zone is it will give a full view of the park through its elevator.

Ghibli’s Giant Warehouse

This zone is inspired by Hayao Miyazaki’s Spirited Away. The key feature of Giant Warehouse is its food court and theatre.

Dondoko Forest

Dondoko is originally based on My Neighbor Totoro. Forest Well as per the name we can expect it to have forest-like features.

Well, from the discussion one thing is clear Ghibli’s fans have to wait a little more for the adventurous trip to their dream park. We know you are already waiting for a quite long but one thing is sure, like every other project of Studio Ghibli this one would be worthy to wait for.

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