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Bleach Season 17: New Plot Updates! Future Plans & Release Date

The 20th anniversary of the Bleach manga came with exciting news for the fans. Just a few weeks ago, Shonen announced that they would release a new chapter to commemorate the completion of two decades of run-time. Now, Bleach Season 17 is also coming closer to the release schedule. The anime is going to return after a nine-year-long hiatus to finish the story. Fans all around the globe are brimming with excitement to get a glimpse of the new season. So, when is the new season coming out? What will be the plot? Here is all you need to know about the return!

Bleach is one of the biggest anime names in the industry. Since 2004, the series has been dominating the business. Even when the 16th season stopped abruptly in March 2012, the show’s relevance did not drop by a degree. After a long wait, the anime was finally renewed with a new season in March 2020. Moreover, a celebratory chapter was also announced by Shonen on the 20th anniversary. Furthermore, a special OVA, “Burn the Witch,” is also underway this year. Now, it is only a matter of time before a trailer or new visuals are released.

Bleach Season 17

Bleach Season 17: New Plot Details!

The previous season of Bleach left fans with many questions. After Ichigo Kurosaki lost all his powers, fans wondered if the lead would ever get back his powers. In Bleach Season 16, Rukia and Ichigo worked together to bring back the latter’s powers. However, the duo constantly failed at every attempt. At the moment when Ichigo had to test his training against Kugo Ginjo, he failed miserably in the fight. Even though the Soul Society saved him in the fight, he could not unlock his powers.

As the season progressed, the act of the disappearing Hollows came into being, and the alliance broke. Later in the season, Wandereich meets Ichigo to reveal that he is a part of a secret organization called Quincy. The Quincy is a secret race that has been building an army after Wandereich lost to a Shinigami a thousand years ago. Now, Bleach Season 17 will continue this storyline into the probable final season. The new season will follow the ‘Thousand-Year Blood War Arc.’ Ichigo will continue the search for his powers in the news season.

Moreover, the war between the Quincy and the Soul Society will commence. Ichigo will have no choice but to fight for his home without any powers. The mystery behind the disappearing hallows will also unfold in the next season.

Bleach Season 17

Will This Be The Final Season?

The Thousand-Year Blood War Arc is essentially the final arc of the Bleach manga. After this, the manga only features an epilogue. Thus, in terms of source material, Bleach Season 17 may not move forward with the story. However, Bleach is one of the Big Three of the Shonen genre. It has excelled both in terms of popularity and critical reception. Thus, it will be a tough call for Shonen to end the anime on a high note. While the core story might end with the 17th season, the franchise may continue with other spin-off parts.

The “Aftermath” novel is a potential contender for the spin-off anime after the season comes to a halt. Let’s wait till the new season begins. Only then can the possibilities of a new season be confirmed.

Bleach Season 17

Bleach Season 17: Release Date

According to an official statement by the makers from March 2020, Bleach Season 17 was originally slated to release in the year 2021. But since the announcement, no updates have been released on the makers’ behalf. Thus, it is safe to say that the release date will find a plausible slot in 2021, and there are no changes in the original plan. However, if the production company is facing a delay in the schedule, fans can expect the arrival of the new season by Winter 2022 (January-February) at the earliest. Keep an eye on this corner to get all the latest updates on the same.

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