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Blue Period Manga Gets Anime Adaptation! Release Date & Latest Details

It is always an exciting event when a manga gets serialized into an anime series. This time around, the much awaited Blue Period manga is getting its own television adaptation. If you are not aware with the world of Blue Period, then it’s time that we introduce you to it. It is known that Blue Period is one of the best manga that came out of Kodansha publications. The story, characters and the setup was immediately loved by readers right after it’s release.

This popular story will now make a television debut very soon. It looks like a lot was going on behind the closed doors. The makers have released a trailer, poster, cast and a release date all at once. So, let us explore all that we know about the Blue Period anime adaptation.

Blue Period Anime: Cast

The most exciting announcement was about the cast members. Fans were very happy to see familiar faces in the anime version. Thus, we can expect to see voice actor Hiromu Mineta playing the character of Yatora. Whereas, Yumiri Hanamori will be joining the cast as Ryuji. We will also see Daiki Yamashita as Yotasuke.

On the other hand, Kengo Kawanishi will be playing the role of Haruka. And Yume Miyamoto is playing Maki. Kouji Masunari will be voicing the character of the general director along with Katsuya Asano. Also, the rest of the crew members of Blue Period anime include Reiko Yoshida, Tomoyuki Shitaya, and artists with Seven Arcs.

Plot Details

The official synopsis of the upcoming television series describes the show as a light-hearted drama. The plot follows the life of Yatora. Yatora is a perfect high school student with good grades and a bunch of friends. However, a life as perfect often tends to become boring. And the same happens with Yatora. But one day, he finds himself in the school’s art room. There, he finds the kind of beauty that he had never witnessed before. The dynamics between this protagonist and newly found passion make up for a compelling story.

The makers recently released the official trailer of the upcoming anime series. Well, a small trailer leaves a big impact in this one. We see the characters come to life for the first time. In the first frame, we meet the protagonist Yatora who is a young schoolboy. The trailer reveals that the art style is a faithful adaptation of the original manga. Hence, the vision of Tsubasa Yamaguchi is sincerely taken into the television series.

Blue Period Anime: Release Date & Trailer

Well, not everything concrete was announced in this revelation by the makers. Unfortunately, we do not have a solid release date for the anime adaptation just yet. However, the good part is that the show is just six months away. This means that we can expect the show to make a television debut in October 2021. Hence, one of the early weekends of October would be a perfect release date for the Blue Period anime.

Are you excited to see the Blue Period anime series? What do you think about the casting choices for this show? Please share your thoughts with us in the comment section. We will be right here with all the latest updates on anime and manga. For more updates on the show, keep visiting our website.

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