Boruto: Naruto Next Generation Kara Arc. Is Finally here

After a quite long hiatus due to COVID-19, the Sequel of Naruto is finally here to entertain its fans. The anime series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has continued its streaming in Japan from Sunday, July 19, 2020. The Boruto anime has continued its broadcast from episode 157, which is “Kara’s footprint” or “Kara no ashiato”.

Prior to the streaming of respective chapter, the authorities released its teaser this June on 30 through its twitter account. In which, one can observe Sasuke and Sai were in search of Kara.

Now, when the recent episode has released in Japan, we can say that the Boruto: Naruto Next Generation has finally entered into the villainy arc.
The Kara which is an evil organization and work for the bad cause has been exposed in front of the Sasuke and Sai.

The episode started when both of them went in search of Kara based on the information provided to them from Shojoji. On their way, they met Garashi Tona, who was also in search of Kara because according to him the villainy organization killed his friend.

Later on in their journey, they found that Garashi himself killed his friend. However, till the end of the episode, the protagonists succeeded to dig out a lot of information about the Kara arc and the mysterious gas-filled space.

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