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Cells At Work Season 2 Gets A Release Date With Its New Trailer!!

Cells At Work Season 2 is all set to return with its hilarious cells characters and adorable platelets. And to be honest, there is no better time to learn about the inner functions of the human body through an anime series. Aniplex American released a brand new trailer for the upcoming season. And now the fans are more hype than ever for it.

Cells At Work Season 2 will embrace the return of red blood cell AE3803 and white blood cell U-1146. The new season of the anime will advance their conflicting equation under more unique circumstances. The trailer came with a tagline, “Putting everything on the line to protect their world and your life.”. And that means our favorite character will be fighting and danger their lives while exploring the microscopic world.

A features film titled ‘Cells At Work! Return Of The Strongest Enemy’ is also in development. The series is one of the unique franchises in the industry right now. And the future of the series is already looking quite bright.

All the voice actors from the debut installment will reprise their roles in the second season. The second season was originally supposed to release in late 2020, but now it will release next year. Cells At Work Season 2 is all set to premiere in January 2021.

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