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Dr. Stone Chapter 218: Astronaut Training Begins! Release Date & Plot

Once again, the rocket launch mission has come to a pause. This time, the delay was on the insistence of Chrome. It turns out that the scientist was not in favor of the one-way suicide mission. Now, Dr. Stone Chapter 218 will look at Plan B suggested by Chrome. He believes that, given enough time, the team can build a second rocket and continue to mission without any risk. So, what will happen next? Will the team agree to commence the slower plan? Here is all you need to know about the chapter.

In the upcoming chapter of Dr. Stone, Senku’s team will walk a few more steps forward. The team will set up a committee to train people for the rocket launch. This will also include a selection test and an astronaut training ground. The exercise is expected to be voluntary as the mission has high risks of crashing.

Dr. Stone Chapter 218

Dr. Stone Chapter 218: Plot Details!

The upcoming chapter of Dr. Stone has exciting new developments in the rocket launch mission. The plot details of the chapter have already surfaced over the internet. They suggest that the first half of the chapter will be a filler storyline. The team will finally commence the mission to gather all the raw materials to build the five ships, as suggested by Chrome. On the one hand, a separate team would work on developing undersea cables that can connect the world.

Here, Senku and his science team will stop by at the beaches of Hawaii to take a coffee break. They might also plan ahead for their mission on this small break. Later on, the scientists will try to set up a conference with the best engineers from around the world. This will solve many problems related to the building of the ship. Lastly, Dr. Stone Chapter 218 will also focus on the astronaut training program. The people who pass these training rounds will get past the selection committee for the rocket launch mission.

Dr. Stone Chapter 218
Viz Media

Previous Chapter Recap!

In the 217th chapter of Dr. Stone, the space research team was still fixated on finding a solution to build a two-way rocket. Chrome was the one who suggested that the team should build the second rocket before commencing the launch mission. Meanwhile, Senku and Dr. Xeno still believed that Chrome’s idea was time-consuming. Chrome had prepared an unabridged presentation to prove his point.

Later, he also provided the team with solutions on how they could build the rocket. Through the presentation, he explained that if they build five smaller ships and one big ship, then the mission could become less dangerous. When no one understood this plan, Senku revealed that there was a Byakuya space station in existence. In the end, it was concluded that they still needed material to build ships before getting to the rockets.

Dr. Stone Chapter 218
Viz Media

Dr. Stone Chapter 218: Release Date

Once again, fans can expect incredible drama in the upcoming outing. Finding more raw material is the main concern for the team now. So, can the team come up with a way to solve this problem? Dr. Stone Chapter 218 is scheduled to release this weekend on November 14, 2021. Fans will find all the chapters of the manga only on the official website Viz Media. Stay tuned with The Anime Daily to get more updates.

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